Session 1: Some Thoughts

A summary of our first session can be found at the Obsidian Portal page here.

Today I want to talk less about integrating a board game into roleplaying, and more about getting into the spirit of 13th Age’s storytelling mechanics. This was my first real game of 13th Age, my only other actual-play experience being a quick convention demo last month, so to see its elements in play was interesting.  Continue reading

Icon Relationships: Factions of Waterdeep

To those of you who haven’t heard of 13th Age, yet it’s a new d20 game by Jonathan Tweet and Rob Heinsoo (who both previously worked on D&D) published by Pelgrane Press. It has your normal d20 standbys–your usual fantasy races and classes and the usual resolution mechanics. Much of the design is based on 4th Edition, but it also includes some new storytelling game elements, primarily those dealing with the Icons of the world, and the PCs’ relationships with them. These Icons are powerful figures in the world, such as the Emperor, the Archmage, and the High Druid. While the player may focus on these individuals themselves, the Relationship mechanic also utilizes the Icons’ organizations as well–a player might roll to influence the Archmage’s wizardly bureaucrats, the Orc Lord’s chieftains, or the Elf Queen’s woodland scouts.

I used this aspect of the game to replace the original 13 Icons with Factions of Waterdeep. Many of these are headed by individuals, some actual ruling Lords. Some are broader organizations with no clear leader to report to, although I’m sure my PC’s have their own bosses. Here’s a list of the Factions I have planned, with leaders in parentheses: Continue reading

Hello and Well Met!

These intro posts are always really awkward, so I’ll get right down to business.

I’m Tobias Mcnabb. I’ve been playing Dungeons & Dragons for twelve years now, having started with 3rd Edition, moved to 4th, and am now digging 13th Age by Pelgrane Press. I’ve also branched out into a number of other roleplaying games, but primarily stick with D&D, since it’s what I know best and what most other people want to play.

The purpose of the blog is to highlight a game I’m starting up called “The 13th Lord of Waterdeep.” It uses 13th Age as a base and serves to adapt the board game Lords of Waterdeep to a role-playing format. Topics will mainly cover adapting elements from the board game to the roleplaying one, with occasional bits of info on my players and their characters. I also would love feedback on the mechanics and design choices I use, so feel free to comment or hit me up on Twitter. I will come out and say that I’m not a particularly big Forgotten Realms aficionado–I’ll be bending and breaking the lore for my own purpose, so please don’t feel offended if something doesn’t match up; it’s working as intended.

Without further ado, I’ll immediately continue into my second post–“Icon Relationships: Factions of Waterdeep.”